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What kind of Underwear should a man wear?

What kind of underwear should a man wear? Brief? Roomy Boxer? Tight Boxer? Thong? There goes the list.

Fashion has change, so do men’s underwear. But it’s a trend that not every man follows the trend.   According to The Ultimate Underwear survey, 57% of men favor briefs, 18% prefer tight boxers, and 29% prefer boxers short.

Most men had tried many types of underwear.  By experimenting, man can choose the best. Here are some explanation of 3 types of underwear for men.

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Still the most worn underwear. Though this day many men are concern on how they are looked and what they are wearing. Majority of men are still prefer this old style undergarment. The truth is, brief is actually more comfortable due to great support to the package.  This offer a wise option for the active lifestyle or even the long sitting period . Brief also mould the  buttocks all the day. Nowadays, there are many design of brief that much appealing to men. But the choosing the wrong brief could cause the feeling of too tight or too loose. 

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Loose boxers

Loose boxers are actually still new to some men, The name boxer comes from the the short that a boxer wear for fighting in the ring.  Most boxer short are more expensive than the brief.  It could be because of the extra fabric in boxer.  This underwear offers the most relaxed and spacy. It is like wearing a short without underwear. Therefore you can even wear it to the mall without causing much attention. Many guys loves wearing in their sleep.  But they did not has the great support compare to brief and when sitting for a long period, they will wrinkle along the thigh which will result a bumpy feeling under your pants.
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Tight boxers
As  brief and boxers have their own fans, the tight boxers is kind of a combination for tight brief and boxer short.  Tight boxers are much appealing to the younger age but now becoming the choice of all generation.  Tight boxer offer great support to the genitals, It’s fit nicely to one’s tigh. But if too tight, it may cause an unpleasant feeling due to the feeling of restraing as the tight boxer don’t allow blood  circulate properly.

Whatever the choice is, There are also some men don’t really care what they wearing. But in this modern day, many men had becoming more concern on choosing underwear. Most men choose the underwear that make them look and feel sexy.  But comfort and price could be the main reasons for choosing the underwear.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. My husband loves his mens underwear. He prefers the tight boxers. What do you like better?


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